How many types of ranks can a esmart Seller Partner achieve?

Esmart Seller Partners can achieve seven ranks -







7.royal majestic

Any customer on esmart shop global can become distributors after filling the community enrollment form. To know how to achieve various Ranks, Go to - Sell & Earn.

How does the rank system work and how will it affect home base earning?

As you advance through the ranks you are eligible for higher earning. To get the full details of how the rank system works and how you can access total cashbacks of upto 68% on our product Esmart Shop Global points . You can check out our Sell & Earn page.


What are the requirements to become an Esmart Shop Global distributor?

After signing up as a customer you need to fill the community enrollment form to become a Esmart Shop Global distributor.

Everyone who is over 18 years of age and is an Indian citizen is eligible to become an Esmart Shop Global distributor. You will need to be invited by an existing Esmart Shop Global Seller Partner as well to Sign Up.

You will also need a valid Government ID to enroll as a Esmart Shop Global distributor. Please visit Sell & Earn for more details.

* Terms and conditions apply

What does it mean to be an Esmart Shop Global distributor ?

Once you become a Esmart Shop Global distributor, you become a part of a vibrant community. Some of the advantages of a Esmart Shop Global distributor community member are: - You can purchase Esmart Shop Global products, earn Esmart Shop Global points and avail attractive income.

- You can take part in our loyalty and reward programme for Seller Partners

- You would be eligible to take advantage of unique promotions and offers

* Terms and conditions apply

Do I have to pay to become an Esmart Shop Global distributor?

You can enroll as a Esmart Shop Global distributor for FREE by filling the community enrollment form. Subject to certain terms and conditions.

Eshop also does not host or charge any amount for any kind of training. As a distributor, you only have to pay for the Esmart Shop Global products that you order on our website, earn points and avail great income.

Do I have to pay to become an Esmart Shop Global distributor?

No, This is against the company policy. However 1 Single account is sufficient to avail all the benefits of Esmart Shop Global Co-Commerce.

Does esmart shope global provide a Money Back Guarantee?

Esmart Shop Global specializes in trendy and high quality lifestyle products in various categories.

We believe strongly in our product so much so that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the products we sell. If you are not completely satisfied with our product you may return it within 30 days from the date of invoice for a full refund.

The Following conditions apply when returning a product:

- The product must be returned within 30 days from the date of invoice.

- All tags/labels/packaging should be intact before returning an item.

- Esmart Shop Global reserves the right to accept or reject any claim in case the physical product does not match the description of the product sold or if the product does not fall within the timeline during which it can be returned.

- The Customer will either be offered a refunded to his or her source bank account. The invoice number helps us identify you when you contact Esmart Shop Global Customer Care. It also helps in solving potential problems more quickly if you need help. Your invoice number is also needed in case you need to make a complaint or return a product.

Esmart Shop Global CO-COMMERCE earning

What is Esmart Shop Global Co-Commerce?

Co-commerce is the Evolution of E-Commerce. Connecting the community people with the right products on a single platform so that these best products can reach as many people as possible. That is the biggest benefit of co-commerce.

How will Esmart Shop Global help me to earn money?

Esmart Shop Global allows you to build your own consumer community, and when they buy,

refer and shop; you earn.

What 4 benefits will the Seller Partner get from Esmart Shop Global ?

1. More Product Category

2. More Consumption

3. Higher Earning

4. Bigger Community / Team

Can a Customer refer to the esmart shop global website to others?

Customers can definitely share Products, but to take full benefits of Esmart Shop Global Platform we recommend becoming a community member and building your own consumer community.

What is Esmart Shop Global Points ?

Esmart Shop Global Points are a type of point value in which we distribute earnings, and group profits to our Seller Partners. The Esmart Shop Global point gets converted to INR and transferred to Seller Partner's accounts.

How can I earn Esmart Shop Global points?

Esmart Shop Global points can be earned in the following ways;

1. Esmart Shop Global Ps can be earned everytime you purchase products.

2. Esmart Shop Global ps can be earned when you refer products with your family, friends & prospective customers and they make a purchase.

3. On purchases of your community members, you will receive Esmart Shop Global Ps. For more visit - Sell & Earn.

How will I calculate my Earned Esmart Shop Global ps?

You can visit Sell & Earn Page to find out all the details. Visit Now.

How do I know which product has how many Esmart Shop Global points?

With every product, you will see the price tag and Esmart Shop Global points.. Different products may have different Esmart Shop Global points.

Does the Esmart Shop Global point shown will be the total Esmart Shop Global point which is to be received as earning for me?

It would show the Total Esmart Shop Global point, however it will be distributed among all seller partners in the line of sponsorship.


What payment options do I have when buying from esmart shop glaobalt?

You may choose between several payment options on our website during checkout.

I. Credit/ Debit Cards: Payments can be made using a credit or debit card on the esmart shop global

II. Net Banking: Payments to Esmart Shop Global can also be made using either of the IMPS, UPI, Wallet or NEFT modes of payment.

III. Cash deposit is only accepted in the head office of the counter with full approval by the company only

terms and conditions apply.

** Please do not handover cash or deposit cash to the account of any distributor **

What advantage do Seller Partners get when they share their PAN card details with esmart shop global?

If a Seller Partner shares their PAN card details with Esmart Shop Global , TDS on their earnings will be deducted at the rate of 5%.

If Seller Partners don't share their PAN card details with us in the form of a self-attested copy, we will deduct TDS at the rate of 20% as per TDS rules as defined in the Income Tax Act of 1961.


I want to cancel the full order but I do not see any option to do so?

You can cancel your order by logging into your account and visiting to the order section. You cannot cancel your order if it has already been dispatched. However, you can still cancel the order under 30 days return policy.

How & by what time should I report any quality or short product issues?

* Terms and conditions apply

How will I get the money back if my order cancellation complaint is accepted?

We will refund the money to your source bank account from which payment was made while placing the order.

* Terms and conditions apply


What is the esmart reward programme?

We offer attractive rewards to our Seller Partners who achieve goals against their set targets. These rewards are a mix of gadgets, cars, bikes, and personalized experiences.

* Terms and conditions apply


What are the rules to be followed by Esmart Shop Global distributor Seller Partners while running their business?

Esmart shop global has strict rules of conduct for its Seller Partners. Some of the highlights

- Seller Partners must abide by the guidelines of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in their daily conduct in addition to our Code of Conduct.

- Seller Partners cannot sell products over MRP

- Seller Partners can't use the Esmart Shop Global platform to sell products from other brands.

- Seller Partners shall respect the decision of the customer and shall not compel them to purchase.

- Protect the intellectual property rights of the shop.

To find the full details of Esmart Shop Global rules and regulations for Seller Partners please see the Code of Conduct page

What happens if the Seller Partner doesn't follow the Code of Conduct?

If a Seller Partner fails to follow the Code of Conduct, his/ her Seller License is liable for immediate termination or such other disciplinary actions such as Forfeiture of commission, Suspension of Seller License, legal action etc. as may be decided by the Company at its sole discretion on case to case basis.

Does Esmart Shop Global provide jobs or salaries to Seller Partners?

No, Esmart Shop Global doesn't offer any jobs to Seller Partners, We only provide business opportunities. In case someone offers jobs in the name of Esmart Shop Global , please inform us at esmartshopg@gmail.com