Many people avoid DIRECT SELLING based on misinformation. Legitimate DIRECT SELLING are not illegal pyramid schemes and don't require you to "use" or hassle people. Anyone can be a success no matter where they are in the network and saturation is impossible. While there are some issues in DIRECT SELLING, before ruling it out as a home business option, make sure you're not letting one of these myths cloud your judgment.

what is direct selling

Direct selling basically means selling products directly to the consumer in a non retail environment . Instead sales occur in home ,work ,online or non-store locations.This system eliminates several middlemen such as wholesaler before product distribution.The products sold through direct sales are usually not found in retail,which means finding a distributor or rep is the only method to buy products.

Not to confuse it with direct marketing .Direct selling is when an individual salesperson sells directly to the consumer whereas direct marketing refers to when a company markets directly to the consumer.

Direct selling is generally associated with network marketing but they aren't the only ones.Many businesses that sell business to business use direct selling. Today consumers have access to just about any products through direct selling.



Why Direct Selling

As discussed above direct selling cuts off may middle men resulting the less hassle.Many home business use this system for direct approach.Many myths abound the direct sales company such as ideas of saturation or that only one person on top makes most.However direct sales company will work for anyone who runs it like the business it is regardless of when you sign up. You can be your own boss. With the independence that comes without any specific target that needs to be fulfilled and boundless time ,plus you can always work from home.

How direct selling

A direct selling company builds a network of independent sales representatives who use their personal network or contacts to sell the products .Hence larger your network ,more the sale of your products. These sales people are not the firm’s employees ; they are considered self-employed and get a commission on their sales . In the modern context direct sellers might also use the Internet and social networking sites.